35 Weeks – The Big Day is Fast Approaching

I am already on the 35th week of pregnancy. On my recent check-up, I was informed that I may gave birth on the second or third week of October. I inquired about the estimated hospital fees so that we could already set a side the amount as early as possible. Baby’s basic needs are also complete. Even if I’ll breastfeed him, I still asked my husband to buy feeding bottles and  the package arrived last Saturday. He also sent 2 pairs of cute baby socks and some other stuffs for me and Thea.  
During my visit at Spoiled! maternity and baby store, I’ve seen so many cute and unique things for babies such as  the Babinski reversible crib beddings, leak-proof cloth diapers, fashionable “almost shoe socks” for 0-24 month old babies, among others. I really want to go back to that store before giving birth. 
Among the long list of baby names I’ve shared before, I finally came up with Yohan Amiel
    Yohan – is actually based on Johan, a Hebrew name which means gift from God;
    Amiel – also a Hebrew name which means people of God.  
As the big day’s fast approaching, we are all excited to meet the newest addition to the family. I’m praying for a safe and normal delivery. 

In Choosing Baby Names

As early as now my husband and I is listing our choices for our baby’s name. Since I haven’t done with the ultrasound yet, we still don’t know if baby#2 would be a boy or a girl. We want his/her initials to be Y.A. same as our eldest – Yasmin Althea. Some of my friends even helped me in listing down names. I also consulted several baby names dictionaries online for the meaning of my chosen names. 
Here’s some of names on my list:

Baby Boy:

  1. Ysmael Arthur
  2. Yohan Arthur
  3. Yohan Allen
  4. Yancy Allen
  5. YƱigo Aidan
  6. Yohan Andrei
  7. Yohan Alwyn

Baby Girl:

  1. Yonah Arwen
  2. Yessamine Alaine
  3. Yelena Arielle
  4. Yonah Anikka
  5. Yohan Arwen
  6. Yvonne Alyssa
  7. Yvonne Anikka
  8. Ysabel Alyssa
More names might be added on our list. We still have 5 more months to finally decide for the name of our second little bundle of joy. 
Dear readers, please feel free to suggest names by leaving a comment here on my post. Thanks!!!