Fourth of July is One of My Most Important Dates

Happy 4th Of July to all the citizens of the Unites States of America (USA). US Independence Day, commonly called as Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the US celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4, 1776. This holiday is usually associated with fireworks, fairs, picnics, concerts, family get together, and political events.
While there are various festivities happening in the US, there’s a grandmother who’s happily celebrating her 76th birthday in the Southern part of the Philippines. That’s my MOM! On our phone conversation she told me that  she was surprised by her  three grand kids with few pieces of bread and pancit (a famous Filipino cuisine). I envy my nephew and nieces because the last time I was with my Mama during her birthday was like ages ago.  
I love my Mama so much! She’s my idol. Despite all the hardships in life, she remains to be our inspirations. Ma, thank you for raising us well. Thank for helping me overcome the challenging I’m going through right now/.  I am truly grateful to God for continuously blessing you good health. Happy Birthday, Ma! more and more birthdays to come.