I Got My Annual Dose of Flu Vaccine Today


I got my flu vaccine this morning. This is just one of our benefits as city government employees.  We are also given free flu and pneumonia shots last year. Aside from that, we have a monthly supply of vitamins and supplements to boost our immune system. I am already fully-vaccinated against COVID-19.These are really essential nowadays as we continue our battle against coronavirus. 
What are the benefits of getting a flu vaccine? Of course, it can prevent us from getting sick with flu. According to cdc.gov, flu vaccination has been shown in many studies to reduce severity of illness among people who are vaccinated but still get sick. Still, the vaccine helps us lower the risk of hospital admission due to flu. That’s the reason why I did not hesitate to avail of this, getting hospitalized is much difficult right now, because of the COVID-pandemic.
My husband also got his vaccine today. We will  schedule the same for the kids – will inquire with their pedia regarding this. 

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