Why I Love Watching Korean Dramas and Movies + an Inspiring Quote from one of the shows I’m currently watching

 Wow! that was a long title, hehehe 

‘Twas year 2004 when I first hooked to Korean dramas and movies. Believe it or not, I love them way more than the locally-produced ones.  Ooopps, sorry. 

Full House (starring Song He-Kyo and Rain) was the very first drama I’ve watched.  I still remember those days that my former officemate and I swapped CDs containing all the episodes of our favorites shows. Thanks to the fast-evolving technology, we now have lots of options on where to watch/stream our favorite TV shows. 

I’ve seen a hundred (or more) titles ranging from romantic comedy, romance, medical, legal,  thriller and all other interesting genres. That made me realized that, perhaps, I should blog about my reviews and Kdrama recommendations for you, guys. Hmmm, watch out for it, soon. 

Fast forward to 2020 to 2021, pandemic period, when most of us are stucked at home, bored and worried – especially here, in my side of the globe, where the coronavirus pandemic is far from over.  We need to refrain from going out unless it is an essential business like reporting for work, or buying basic goods. Watching movies, dramas and documentaries is one of our favorite hobbies at home. 

Korean dramas are very interesting to watch, isn’t it? It is because they have interesting plots – creative story lines, love story match ups, and relatable experiences by the lead stars. There are shows that I even watch over and over again. 

I am currently watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha. It’s a new series on Netflix with only 3 out of  16 episodes available. It is a light-hearted, romantic comedy. The lead stars Kim Seon-ho and Shi Min-a have an amazing chemistry, too. They are now trending  on social media as “dimple couple”. 

    credits to decider.com for the background image. 

That’s one of my favorite lines from the show.  

I am also waiting for the last two episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 2. 

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