Metro Manila back to ECQ starting August 6

 I was supposed to go to my daughter’s school this morning for their Report Card distribution. However, her adviser messaged us in the parents’ group chat that the distribution is cancelled as instructed by the Principal. We will be informed after the lockdown. 

Yes, you read it right. Metro Manila is expecting stricter quarantine measures in line with the current Covid-19 pandemic. From August 6 to 20, Metro Manila will be placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine (again). Our situation is not getting any better. With the Delta variant becoming a threat to everyone, the government deciced to declare ECQ. According to the article I’ve read in, the Delta variant can spread more easily. The strain has mutations on the spike protein that make it easier for it to infect human cells. Thus, people may be contagious if they contract the virus and more easily spread it to other. Scary, right? So, let us be very very careful. Always wear face mask, practice proper hand hygiene, and avoid crowded places. Stay at home, go out only for essential reasons. 

This is heartbreaking. It has be more than a year that the kids remained at home. The challenges, the boredom. It’s really never easy for the kids. We wish and pray that this soon be over. Each and everyone of us should remain strong and healthy, more importantly. Protect ourselves and our family. Get vaccinated. We are grateful that husband and I are already fully vaccinated. 

Stay safe, everyone! 

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