Challenges in Schooling in the New Normal

 How are you fellow parents? How’s the school so far? Some of you maybe on school break already huh. Well, we are on the final week now. The kids (and I) are busy taking summative tests, completing modules and projects. 

This school year was not a walk in the park for us. I think many parents and guardians will agree with me. We faced difficulty adjusting to the new mode of attending classes, we have fair share of anger and frustration. It was quite hard, especially when you are also a working parent. Added to that are the distractions here and there that the kids frequently lose focus on their studies. 

Thankfully, despite all the challenges we are facing due to COVID-19 pandemic, we will be able to finish another school year, soon. 

I will share in details our blended learning journey in the separate post. 

See yah! 

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