3 Quick Ways To Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Looking to add curb appeal to your home, but don’t have the time to make big exterior repairs? Here are three great tips that will help you quickly add curb appeal to your home.

1. Fix Your Windows

Broken windows can really drag down the appearance of your home’s exterior. If you have any damaged windows that can be seen from the street, these should be repaired right away. Repairing broken glass is a job that’s best left to the professionals. Expert window repair West Palm Beach FL will replace damaged windowpanes, as well as compromised window frames or areas of old, cracking putty. Making these fixes will instantly make your home look more impressive.

2. Refresh Your Lawn

Don’t underestimate how much lush, green grass contributes to the overall curb appeal of a home. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to get your grass looking its best. You likely mow your lawn regularly, but take the extra step to trim your edges to give the lawn a neat and tidy appearance. Use a half-moon edger to cut clean edges where turf meets any areas of hardscape. If you have any edges with damage, cut out the turf around the area and turn the damaged area in toward the rest of the yard, which will promote growth in the spot of damage.

3. Wash Exterior Walls

You may think that every time it rains, the exterior walls of your home get a wash. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Algae and other deposits can easily form on a wall, in spite of how much it receives a soak from the rain. Use a power washer to thoroughly clean these areas, and be sure to use the appropriate setting for the surface material of your walls.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Make these quick repairs and you’ll let your home truly shine!

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