Three Helpful Home Automation Innovations

Home automation used to be a luxury reserved for the very wealthy. Now, thanks to wireless internet and Bluetooth connectivity, if you can operate a smartphone, you can have a smart home! Here are some of the most common and helpful features that are easy to set up and use without breaking the bank.

 Keyless Locks

Keeping your home secure is always an important priority. But you may be tired of lugging your keys around or misplacing them and having to call an emergency locksmith. Keyless entry for your home is more affordable and safer than ever, and it’s available in many forms. Analog or digital keypads get the job done, and in some setups, you can use a phone app or even your thumbprint to access your house.

 Smart Thermostats 

Home automation can “learn” many of your habits and program automated functions based on them. Smart thermostats are possibly the best example of this. You can begin by programming them to increase or decrease your home’s temperature at certain times a day. What sets a smart thermostat apart from one that’s just programmable is that they can sense when people enter and leave rooms or parts of the house and make those adjustments automatically.

Multi-Room Speaker Systems 

For music or talk-radio lovers, the idea to go about your business and move through different parts of your home while having the sound “follow” has long been a dream. Now, with multi-room speaker systems like Sonos, it’s a reality! After initially installing an array of discreet speakers in various rooms, you can run the system from a central remote, or your smartphone. If you don’t want the speakers installed, the system can be set up with wireless Bluetooth speakers set up in key positions; otherwise the concept is the same.


The futuristic world of home automation is here, and it’s surprisingly affordable!

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