Quick Update while still on Quarantine

It’s more than 2 months since the PH Government declared a National State of Emergency due to coronavirus outbreak. We suddenly shifted into work from home arrangements as our region was put under Enhanced Community Quarantine. Schools year ended a month earlier. 

I can say that this worldwide pandemic brought fear and anxiety, sadness, and depression as the number of affected continue to increase. In the Philippines alone, cases as of latest update from the health department spiked to more than 12,000. 
On a positive note, families became closer and had the chance to spend more quality time together. Compassion, unity  and the “bayanihan” spirit became more evident. 
Let’s continue to pray and have a strong faith…This, too shall pass. As much as possible, let us stay at home, and practice hygiene and sanitation.  
That’s all for now, just a quick update (to inform you that this blog is still alive, lol).

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