Motivating Myself to Write

This is my very first post for this new decade and yet I still lack the motivation to write, maybe because I am still in the process of healing and acceptance. The sadness brought about by a painful, sudden loss of a loved one is still haunting me. So please bear with this emotional author
I missed the chance to share my year-ender post and this year’s One Word, as well. Perhaps, I will tell you are story about the things I am grateful for and memorable experiences in 2019 in the succeeding post. 
I am also thinking of revamping my blog. So, watch out for that. 
As our home improvement slash organizing journey continues, I will also share some DIY projects, tips and ideas.
As for the kids, they are doing quite well in school. They are already in the last quarter of this school year.  As early as now, they  we are thinking on how to enjoy the summer break while learning new things. 
That’s it for now, until next time. 

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