Supporting Your Natural Childbirth

Regardless of how many children you have delivered, the healthy labor and delivery of each child is the most important piece of the entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Critical to this process are the professionals who support you and help make decisions with you about your pregnancy and childbirth experience. Here are three people who are key to help support your desire for a natural childbirth. 


If you desire a more natural pregnancy and natural labor and delivery experience, then hiring a midwife Tampa is a good place to look. Midwives help women safely deliver their baby while minimizing interventions and unnecessary technological procedures common in labor and delivery situations. The primary belief system of midwives is that labor and delivery are natural processes which the woman’s body can perform on their own with the right support in most situations.


Ensuring your partner is aware of your wishes for a natural childbirth is important because he or she may be very helpful and critical in the stressful and long periods of time in labor and delivery as decisions come up to be made. A supportive partner can encourage you and guide you to continue following your birth plan for a natural birth. It is also common for a woman to choose multiple support people to be in the room and can be important if your partner is unable to attend or may struggle to physically or emotionally be present for the entirety of your labor. Each woman must decide what they are comfortable with and desire in their labor and delivery experience. 


While a midwife will deliver your baby, you may desire extra emotional and social support through your labor and delivery. A doula will get to know you prior to your labor and delivery and help you make a birth-plan so she can support your decisions during the time of delivering your baby. Doulas provide support to your partner as well and can help provide relief so they can rest or eat and still give you the support you need during labor. 

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