Facts About Radon

In recent years, radon has come to the forefront in terms of health concerns. Most homeowners have heard of radon and its harmful effects; however, many individuals are unsure what to do about it. Here are some facts about radon that will inform you about this odorless, naturally-occurring gas.

Radon is a Health Risk

First, it’s important to know that radon is safe at low levels but dangerous at high levels. Radon is a radioactive gas that is found naturally in the ground. The problem arises when this gas enters a home and becomes trapped. Radon enters the home through cracks in the foundation, drains and other openings. When this cancer-causing gas reaches high levels in your home (higher than 4.0 pCi/l or higher), there are significant health risks. Radon is second on the list when it comes to causes of lung cancer. Fortunately, there is no excuse for not knowing the radon level in your home. A free radon test Atlanta GA is available.

Radon is Found in Homes

Radon is found in every state in the United States. Radon that leaks into the air does not cause a problem. However, a home can act like a vacuum and suck the radon inside through cracks and other openings. While the average radon level in most homes is around 1.3 pCi/l, it is recommended to test your home regularly to find your level.

Radon Mitigation is Effective

Fortunately, radon mitigation is available to return the radon in your home back to a safe level. Look for a contractor that has experience with radon mitigation and who can offer specifics of how the system works and before and after installation testing.
Radon is a dangerous gas found in most homes in the United States. Be sure to test your home or business regularly to ensure your radon level is safe. Free tests are available and radon mitigation is effective.

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