What You Need To Plan Your Hawaii Wedding

Having a destination wedding allows you to choose from the most beautiful venues anywhere in the world and can really create a luxurious atmosphere, but it can also be more work to plan. Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding destinations because of its gorgeous beaches, temperate weather, and tropical ambiance. If you’ve decided on a Hawaiian wedding, here are the things you might want to consider.


If you want to have your wedding in Hawaii, start looking for a venue as soon as possible, because they tend to fill up quickly. Think about whether you would like to get married indoors or outdoors, and what type of reception you want to have. Once you pick a venue, you’ll also want to start looking at maui event rentals, so you can find the right furniture and decor. Finally, consider the catering and drink services you will want to have.

Travel and Accommodations

Since you are not planning your wedding locally, you will probably need to consider how your wedding guests will travel. Unless you have guests who live in Hawaii, most people will need to fly and will also need to book a hotel or other sleeping arrangements. As the host, it is good etiquette to help your guests with this process as much as possible. Find out what group or event rates you can get to help make the traveling easier and more affordable.


It is possible you will also need to make arrangements for the various vendors and products that you will be employing at your wedding. Your bridal party attire will need to be transported to Hawaii without being damaged. Your photographer, DJ/musicians, event planner, officiant, or hair/makeup artists will either need to be hired locally or you will need to determine if they can commute.
A destination wedding can create some unique challenges. Hawaii has so much to offer as a wedding location that it may be worth it.

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