Understanding Adult Foster Care

As we age, the daily living activities that were once routine and almost mindless can become physically cumbersome, dangerous, and even impossible. At the same time, adults suffering from mental or cognitive disabilities can struggle with these same activities, making it impossible to lead a safe lifestyle. Those who struggle with these activities have options that can include assisted living in a facility, while others may want to consider adult foster care.

What is Adult Foster Care?

One of the most desirable adult foster care service massachusetts has to offer is in-home services that allow the individual to stay in their homes full time while a caregiver lives with them. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure the client receives all the daily care that they need, which can include laundry and other housekeeping duties, transferring and mobility plus transportation assistance, bathing, eating, and recreation activities. For many states, Medicaid helps cover associated costs, which can include room and board. Generally speaking, this type of care is less expensive than facility living.

What Are the Rules?  

Both caregivers and clients, as well as the home itself, need to meet certain requirements if they want to qualify for Medicaid funding in Massachusetts. The caregiver must be in good physical and mental health, submit to a background check, provide references, and must live with the client. The client, meanwhile, needs to prove that they are physically and/or mentally unable to safely participate in activities of daily living on their own. The home will also be inspected for safety, and anyone living in the home 18 years of age or older will be subject to a background check even if they are not the caregiver.
Not everyone who struggles with their own personal care needs to leave their homes and live their days in a nursing home or other facility. For those who want to continue living in their homes, adult foster care may be the answer.

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