Three Ways to Save Your House

In a world where fashion is disposable and furniture comes prepackaged, you may find yourself losing respect for your house and the things inside it. Here are a few products and tricks that can remind you to show basic respect for your home and increase its value over time by keeping it in good repair.

Save Your Floors

Particularly if you have hardwood or tile floors, you need to be aware that they need care if they’re going to stay looking as nice as the day they were installed. Get chair leg glides to protect your floors and put carpets under your tables to stop the buildup of scratches on the floors you look at every day. You don’t have to spend all day on your hands and knees waxing and buffing to keep your floors looking beautiful. 


Coasters aren’t just for drinks and they never were. Put felt bottoms on your lamps and trays under your houseplants to protect your furnishings from scratches and white rings. A momentary lapse can lead to damage that’s difficult to repair. Don’t let a lack of coasters ruin your favorite pieces of furniture. 

Good Habits

Coasters won’t save your tabletops if you put your hot tea down next to them, and chair glides mean nothing if you’re leaning back on two legs without a thought for the damage you can do. There are plenty of modern habits that would make our grandparents confused, and some that would make them amazed, but there are also plenty that would make them say: “Were you raised in a barn?” These little habits are about taking care with furniture, putting forethought into your actions, and they didn’t become signs of politeness for no good reason. They can save your home from expensive damage and embarrassing neglect. 

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