Decorating Your Home With a Personal Touch

Family photos and knickknacks can easily look old and dated. But with a little creativity and intention, these items can give any space a unique look that’s both stylish and special to you and your family. Here are three ways to transform your treasures into classy decor items that are one of a kind.

Have Your Photos Professionally Printed and Framed

Your favorite family photo may not look like much as a 4×6 print in a plastic frame. But professional, high-quality prints in custom frames naperville il can create a stunning focal point on the walls of your family room. Consider having your favorite images printed in dramatically large sizes with unique frames to create artwork that’s completely exclusive to your home. A black and white version is always timeless and looks great with every color palette.

Turn Family Heirlooms Into Focal Points

Vintage finds are always a great choice, so search through the special pieces you’ve inherited from previous generations and give them a place of prominence in your home. Set up a special shelf to house these items and partner them with modern accents. Add a small green plant to complete the look and try to vary heights and shapes to keep things interesting.

Fill Your Home With Handmade Treasures

It’s so easy to make your own version of an accent piece that you love. Doing it yourself allows you to choose the size, color and style to fit your own personal tastes. If you’re new to crafting, start simple with items like coasters and small signs. Look for online tutorials to create your own canvas artwork even if you don’t have a steady hand with brushes and paints. A comfy blanket can make any room cozy and inviting and is extra special because it’s hand made.
Home decor trends may come and go, but a home that’s filled with meaningful memories never goes out of style.

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