Basics of a Backyard Oasis

Few things are as relaxing as enjoying the natural oasis that is the back yard. But if your back yard hasn’t reached oasis status yet, don’t give up. Putting a few weekends of work into designing your new go-to space will result in an area that will feel like adding a room onto your home, but without the cost of heavy construction. Before you go browsing Pinterest and find yourself overwhelmed by complicated professional designs, consider what you need from your design. Sticking to the basics will help you maintain a budget and ensure the project doesn’t go unfinished.  

A Place to Relax 

If your yard doesn’t have a deck or patio, consider installing one. Laying some simple stone patio tiles or building a deck with adjustable deck supports will give the yard a focused place for relaxing or entertaining. Put patio furniture on the deck to create an inviting outdoor living space. Try not to overwhelm the area with too much, though. The outdoors should feel inviting and open. 

A Place for Kids 

There is no way to feel relaxed when kids are bouncing all over you. A small swing or play area will allow the children to enjoy the backyard as much as you do and may get them out of your hair long enough to enjoy your hard work

A Place for Everything Else 

It doesn’t always feel relaxing when there are gardening tools piled on the wall behind you or toys scattered around the yard. Consider keeping tools in a garage, shed, or mudroom when they are not in use. Have an outdoor-safe chest or bin for kids to keep their toys in to keep your yard looking beautiful 
A little work goes a long way when it comes to designing a beautiful and functional yard space. Take the time to browse and design your own and enjoy fresh air and nature in a little oasis of your own. 

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