Reading Clinic

It all started with a Facebook status of me, telling my daughter that we should help each other in teaching Yohan how to read and write this summer. I must admit, I discovered it quite late that my son has difficulty in reading. Though he is a bilingual kid, he really needs to catch  up when it comes to Reading. 
An educator friend then offered her services on reading and writing enrichment for Yohan and also for Ate Thea. We signed up for the tutorial services last April. Thea had few sessions only since her reading and writing level is within her Grade level (Grade 7). Yohan is on his 13th session now and has quite a  long way to go. There are challenges along the way, but I am happy with his improvement. We celebrate small victories and I am proud of my makulit and not so little boy. 
         photo courtesy of Literacy Nook
Moms and dads out there, if you are looking for tutorials services for your kids particularly on Reading and Writing, just search and add Literacy Nook on Facebook () and talk to a Reading Specialist who will design a program depending on your child’s needs. PM is the key, guys. 

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