My Kids Are Growing Up Swiftly

My kiddos recently completed their music training as part of  extra-curricular school activities. Thea enlisted in Voice Lessons while Yohan availed of Flute training. They had their Recital last month in one of the malls in our city.  
When I posted some photos on my social media pages, many were a bit shocked that the two have grown bigger and taller. They are both chubby now. I am even teasing the first-born to start cutting on some carbs, para sexy hahaha. 
She really loves to sing, and if you would allow me to brag (a bit) she sings quite well. 
This is Yohan in the Primary Learners’ Flute Ensemble 

such a chubby chubby handsome boy! 
Thea will study Guitar next school year while Yohan will learn how to play the Lyre. By the way, the Instrumental Music Program is being offered for Free Maranatha Christian Academy-Mandaluyong. 

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