1st Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) at the Kids’ New School

It is another school year here (in the Philippines).  My kids transferred to new school. Well, my eldest Thea is a returning student for she spent few years there, from Kindergarten to Grade Two. She’s now in Grade 7, while Yohan is in Grade 2. 
Classes officially started last Monday but before that, I attended the 1st PTC and Orientation last  June 12 and 16. Meetings for each department were conducted separately.  
During the Junior High orientation, parents were informed about the rules of the school and marking system. Apart from that, we also got acquainted about the 7 C’s of 21st Century Learning during the Primary School session.  This serves as one of the guiding principles of the new K to 12 curriculum.
For the year, their school is banking on strong partnership among parents and teachers.  This is a very good idea because it not only encourage the parents to support their children but will also keep communication lines with the school open. This will greatly benefit the learners, just like the facilitators emphasized during the meetings.  
So far, the kids are enjoying their first week at school. They have lots of stories about their experiences during the day.  And that makes learning fun and exciting! 

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