On Grades, Moving Up and Search for a Good School

While we are not a grade conscious household, the remaining two quarters of this school year is crucial for our unica hija because she is a graduating elementary student.  Her school called for a parent-teachers’ conference yesterday, so I asked my niece to attend in my behalf. The Third Quarter Report Card was also released after the meeting. At around 4pm, I called her and asked how was Thea’s grades. Thea got 85-90 in most subject areas while below 85 in Mathematics. 
Few minutes later, Thea called at the office (landline) and here’s our conversation:
Thea: Ma, okey naman lahat ng grades ko except sa Math, same as last quarter, 82 pa rin po Ma. 
Me: Okey na yun, matataas na ang grades mo. Pagbutihin mo pa para mag-improve pa ha. 
Thea: Sana tumaas pa ng 3 points ngayong fourth grading para 85 na. 
Aminado naman siyang mahina sya sa Math eh. Mana kasi sa akin hahaha

In fairness to her, she still did her best and showed improvements in her study habits. Despite the challenges we’re facing because of peer pressure and puberty-related stuff, she still managed to perform well in school. 
In other news, they already had their graduation portraits taken just a couple of days ago. That signals that the end of this year is fast approaching. Their Graduation Rights is slated for end of March, I guess. No final announcement from the school yet.
We are currently looking for schools that offer good quality Junior High education. Focus on discipline and values education, smaller class size, and proximity to our place of residence consist our criteria in selecting school. We are more inclined to also enrolling Yohan, an incoming Grade 2 pupil in the same school.  Good luck to our school searching! 
Happy Wednesday to all. Ciao! 

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