Grades, School Performance, Attitude

Yohan’s Second Quarter Report Card was released last week. He got Satisfactory rating. As a First Grader, he is still struggling in Reading and Writing. We still have to do a lot of encouragement for him to love school. He’s playful and has a really short attention span.  Thanks to her teacher who’s willing to extend few hours beyond class schedule to let Yohan finish whatever activities they had for a particular school day. Kudos to my sister too, for devoting her time to be with Yohan.  I hope we can squeeze a little bit of reading and writing exercises next month- during the holiday break. I’ll buy him lotsa coloring/activity books, educational toys and other supplementary materials. 
Thea’s grade on the other hand for the past quarter is Very Satisfactory. She performed well in Science.  We are encouraging her to improve her performance in Math as she will be entering Junior High School next school year.  
Although, we are not a “grade conscious” household, my husband and I encourage them to study harder for the remaining quarters of this school year.  We are more focused on bringing them up as law-abiding citizens and faithful Christians. Attitude and values is all that matters.  Good grades and awards are considered bonus or rewards for their efforts and hard work.  
With that, I am ending this post with this quotes I borrowed from the Pinterest. 🙂
Enjoy your weekend, mommas! 

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