Aptenia Cordifolia

Aptenia cordifolia (common names: baby sun rose, heart leaf ice plant) is a succulent with glossy leaves and bright magenta flowers. It is a fast growing, perennial plant and commonly used as  ground cover. It also looks good as crawler and in hanging baskets.  When I first saw this plant, I was amazed by its glossy green leaves. Although some variegated Aptenia has light green leaves, others have yellow, white or purple flowers.  
It can be easily propagated from either seed or cutting. Based on my experience, I planted cuttings directly in the ground and flourished easily with minimal casualty ha ha ha. From initial two pots of Aptenia, I now have four pots including newly planted cuttings in a Dish Garden. 
Another thing I love about this plant is that is easy to maintain.  It grows in any type of soil and thrive in partial shade locations.  Regular watering is needed but must be careful with over-watering.
This is my Aptenias previously planted in recycled PET bottles. I already transferred them in plastic pots. 
Here are other varieties I want to add in my Aptenia collection. (Note: Credit to the owners of the photos)

Have a great gardening weekend! 

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