Growing Succulents and Some Basic Supplies for Planting them in Containers

After receiving plants from my sister which included Aloe Vera and other succulents, I was inspired to collect more. Before I knew it I am running out of space in my window garden.
So here is the extension of my home garden – my office desk haha.
succulents in ceramic planters. the cute ceramic boots was a souvenir from a colleague who went to the Netherlands few years ago 

Planning to grow succulents? Here are some basic materials you need for planting this “cute babies” in containers. I got these tips from my favorite gardening blog,

  1. Succulents 
  2. Mesh tape or drainage screen
  3. A container (the ones with drainage hold are highly recommended to prevent your plant from rotting)
  4. Succulent soil (though there are readily available cactus and succulent potting mix in the market, you can always prepare your own soil mix)
  5. Shovel
  6. Top Dressing (you can use colorful gravels, pebbles, sphagnum moss, gems or beads)
That’s all for now, happy gardening! 

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