Gardening 101: How to Propagate Bromeliads

I already mentioned this in one of my previous posts – I am currently obsessed with Bromeliads. Bromeliads are excellent houseplants because of its bright color, unique features, and hardiness.  In addition to that, propagating bromeliads is quite easy. 
I purchased my first bromeliad (the one featured in the photos below) last summer.  Since then, the mother plant has produced three offsets or in gardening terms, pups. 

When and How to Remove Pups

The plant seller once told me that this plant is generous in giving the owner new plants, hence quite easy to propagate. I doubt her no more! and based on my readings, the more you (properly) cut the pups the more the mother plant survive and produce more offsets. Isn’t it exciting?
Now, what is the proper way of cutting the pups?  Bromeliad pups can be safely harvested when they are 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the mother plant.  Use a sharp knife and scissors in removing the new plant and make sure that the mother plant is not injured in the process. 
Potting the Harvested Offsets

Prepare a small pot with a light, well-draining soil. Gardening experts suggest dipping the newly-harvested pups in fungicide before planting it. Due to lack of fungicide at home, I skipped this process.  So, wish me a bunch of luck that my three “babies” will grow despite my incomplete re-potting procedure.  Do not set it deeply in the potting mix.  
The 3 Important Factors in Growing Bromeliads are Light, Warmth, Humidity. 
However, newly potted offsets need bright indirect sunlight.  Be sure to keep the new plants watered but DO NOT OVER-WATER. Just like other plants over-watering baby bromeliads can cause root rot. 
When properly taken cared of, bromeliad propagation can be rewarding and can be a great and affordable way to build your collection.  
Are you a gardening hobbyist, enthusiast or expert? Don’t forget to share your gardening tips and experiences in the comments section just below this post. Thank you and happy gardening. 

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