A Journalist in the Making

My heart is overflowing with happiness and excitement.  My daughter will be part of the team who will compete for the 2017 Division Schools Press Conference tomorrow, July 22.  She was chosen for Feature Writing for Collaborative Publishing. She’s in charge of writing the article while the other members of their team will handle cartooning, editing and lay-outing.

I can sense her excitement being part of their school team.  Even though she missed the last Summer Journalism Camp due to some health issues, she was still chosen by her teachers and trainers. They are undergoing a one-week training.  I also gave her additional tips like being extra careful with spelling and grammar. 
Hmmm, a blogger err journalist in the making? Why not? In fact, she asked me if she can start her own blog a number of times already. Well, let’s see! 
Good luck, my darling Thea! We are both excited for the announcement of winners which will be on August 4. Hope majority if not all of the 44-member school delegation will get an award and move on to the regional and eventually to the national level of the competition.


Thea finished 4th place in Feature Writing (English) for Collaborative Publishing.  Only those who ranked 1st and 2nd will represent in the regional competition next month. Just the same, the little lady was happy with the outcome and told me that she will continuously improve her writing skills. 

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