New Plants in My Garden

My window garden became over-crowded since last week. I got several new plants courtesy of my niece who arrived from Bicol. I even got a pot of strawberry. I hope it will thrive in the humid climate of Metro Manila. I just forgot to take a photo of it, we transferred it in a rectangular pot to give ample space once the strawberry grow larger. My niece who is an Agriculture Technology graduate taught me about propagating strawberries by making runners. We implemented it already. Will post a photo later. 
Meanwhile, lemme show you the new plants in my mini garden. 
 I am not familiar with the name of this one but I guess this is a succulent

 some succulents including Aloe Vera
my Jade plant along with other plants from Bicol
We will re-arrange the garden this coming long weekend. Thanks for the upcoming 2017 ASEAN Summit holidays. 
Update: A more organized look of my window garden

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