Fireplaces: An Update With a Nod to the Past

What comes first in your mind while reading the title? nod in the past? Are we talking about vintage or antique items here? Yes, you are right! You can beatify your home by adding some vintage design on the fireplace, if you happen to have one at home. 
If you are living in a cold climate can be cool but there is still some disadvantages and additional requirement to make your life even more comfortable.  Like for example, if your are in the City of Baguio in the Philippines or in much cooler places in other countries, there is a need to fireplaces to keep your family and guests warm.  
While fireplaces may not be the predominant form of heat as they once were, they are still a desirable feature to have in a home.  If you have a fireplace that is not a focal point of a room, making it an eye-catching feature would be a great home improvement project.   If you’re planning a remodeling project that includes the family room or living room, including a working fireplace in the plan could increase the value of your home. It would also provide you with a warm, cozy gathering place for family or for guests.
Below are some tips in choosing fireplace design and accessories:
Choosing a fireplace design
Cohesiveness in your décor is essential. The fireplace design you select should complement the room’s overall décor. Now, what are the other things that you should consider? The type of material, the size and the architectural style of the fireplace are factors to consider when adding a fireplace to a room.
Fireplace Necessities
A fireplace screen is both functional and decorative. When the fireplace is in use, the screen helps keep ashes and embers inside the fireplace. When the fireplace is not in use, the screen is a decorative aspect in the room. Fireplace fenders are used to keep ashes from escaping into the room. Andirons were originally used to support firewood. They can still be used for that same purpose today, although they have become more of a decorative aspect. 
Fireplace Accessories
When decorating a room, you want the focal point to be impressive. The accessories you choose for the fireplace are the key elements that will enhance the look of your fireplace. Always remember taht the accessories should complement the room décor. Antique fireplace accessories have the unique ability to fit well with a modern fireplace design, a rustic, vintage fireplace design and many other decorating styles.   There are different accessories designs to choose from.  An attractive wood box or wood holder with exquisite detailing, fireplace tools, tool holder and tool rest, can be functional and decorative. You can add vintage authenticity to the fireplace by including accessories such as candle holders, a bed warmer and bellows to the fireplace area. 

It’s important to create cohesiveness between the fireplace and other aspects of design in the room. One way to do this is to select a style of lighting that complements the fireplace design. Decorative accessories, whether antique or reproductions, should reflect the time period and design style of the fireplace.  

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