Maximizing the Use of Your Walk in Cooler

If you are in a business that handles food items, either as the main business function or as side items, you most likely have coolers on the premises. If the volume of refrigerated and frozen food is high enough, you likely have a walk-in unit. It may not be one that the customers walk into. In fact, that is highly unlikely. These units are typically used so that you can store the food items until they are ready to be placed in the appropriate spot for customer selection. At times, the same cooler will serve both purposes. You can enter from one side and stock the shelves. The customer then opens the doors on the other side of the unit to retrieve what they intend to purchase. Regardless of how your walk-in units are configured, you will want to make maximum use of them. Companies like O-Reps can provide you with all the walk in cooler accessories that you need to operate your equipment in the most efficient manner. 
Regardless of the size of your cooler, you are paying for the energy to cool the whole space. You should make good use of your energy dollars by keeping that space full of sellable items, rather than simply cooling empty space. You can do this by adding the right accessories. Just the nature of a walk in cooler means it has a ceiling that is higher than some. Otherwise, you would not be able to walk into it. As a result, you might consider adding more storage racks in order to utilize all the space from the floor to the ceiling.  
You could add shelving to the existing racks so you can maximize the vertical space as well. Your shelves may have originally been spaced far enough apart to accommodate the tallest items you place in the unit. You could still reserve some of the space inside the cooler for these items. You could also add additional shelving in other sections so you can place more shorter items in the same amount of cooler space. 
If you sell meats and need a place for cutting boards, you can add cutting boards inside the cooler. That way, you will not have to remove the meat for cutting. Everything can be right there in one location. You might even consider shelving units with casters on them so you can move product into the areas that are accessible to customers.  With some creative thinking, you can make the most use of your cooler space and energy dollars. 

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