School Performance and Health Concerns

Last Saturday was one of my most hectic days since January.
It all started with ‘market day’ with my husband to buy 1 week worth of grocery and food supplies. After putting down the grocery bags in our kitchen counter, I rushed  to my daughter Thea’s school to attend the 3rd quarter parent-teacher conference (PTC) and get a copy of her report card, too. The activity ended at 12:15 p.m already.

School Performance
I seldom attend school activities especially in the current school year but I always see to it to attend parents’ assembly. This is an opportunity to get updates and learn about the projects of the schools, my student’s behavior and performance, and other relevant issues and concerns.  Here are my few takeaways during the meeting:
  • We should always remember that parents, school and the community are partners in molding the values and overall well-being of our children.  I was alarmed when the Principal said that they caught a group of students using e-cigar.  as in OMG! Those were Grade 5 or 6 students. My daughter is in Grade 5. I do hope she will remember and follow our reminders to her to carefully choose friends and always obey the rules and regulations of the school. 
  • Positive values are more important than good grades. I fully believe in that!
  • Invest in books not in tutors.  The Principal pushes for making their school a “reading community.” I’m happy that Thea loves reading. 
I am happy that her performance, especially in Mathematics, improved a lot. However, she got a very low mark in Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan. She missed a number of performance tasks (as part of the K to 12 curriculum) which might affected her 3rd quarter rating. 
So that’s about her performance in school, let’s go to the next topic:
Health Concerns
After lunch, I took a 30-minute nap then off we went to a pedia clinic to Thea’s follow-up check-up at 2pm.  That’s my 3rd itinerary for the day. Her left breast was swollen since last week. At the clinic, her pedia noticed that there is only slight improvement after 5 day medication (Co Amoxiclav 400mg/57mg) so she referred us to a pediatric surgeon for further evaluation and treatment. It took us 5 hours at St. Martin de Porres Hospital in San Juan City for the examination and laboratory tests.   
The doctors told us to complete her  medication which is until today. We are scheduled for another check-up tomorrow morning in Lourdes Hospital in Mandaluyong. I really hope and pray that nothing is serious in my daughter’s condition, that it is only a bacterial infection. 
Get well soon, baby. Study hard, be persistent and always be a good girl, okay? Remember this: “Study hard, do good and good life will follow.” Mama loves you so much! 
Another sick family member 
My niece who’s living with us is also sick. She’s been complaining about stomachache for several days. She also consulted a doctor last Saturday morning who prescribed three kinds of medicines to be taken for 5 days. The doc also advised her to undergo abdominal ultrasound and urinalysis. 
So that’s how my weekend went. Worked overtime – mommy duties. I am not complaining as long as my loved ones are doing well. I love them to bits! 

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