Bullet Journal + Calligraphy

I finally joined the bullet journal or (bujo for short)  craze.  Though it is a work in progress; there’s so tips and tricks out there to learn, I am enjoying it.
Here’s my first-ever bujo. plain and kinda boring since  I don’t have pretty  and colorful pens and washi tapes yet, for decoration purpose hehe.
Calligraphy is another new-found hobby of mine. This is my first attempt to fax calligraphy using scratch paper and a sign pen. I am watching tutorial videos to know more about calligraphy techniques. I think there is no need to enroll for calligraphy classes. Wish me luck! 
Thea tried it too…We will learn this art together. It’s a perfect mom-daughter bonding, isn’t it? 

One thought on “Bullet Journal + Calligraphy

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