Tips and Tricks on Helping Kids Improve their Writing Skills

When it comes to teaching and learning, there is no such thing as “one style fits all”.  Children develop at their own pace. That’s why, it is important to understand every child’s learning style and identify teaching methods appropriate to their needs. 
Yohan’s teacher called my attention twice regarding her concerns about his school performance, particularly in writing.  I am puzzled why they are  sort of forcing my son to become “very good” in writing. Why push the child too much, di ba? Why threaten us that he might repeat Kindergarten if he does not improve. Naloka ako ng konti, sa totoo lang. With that incident, I posted a status on Facebook, asking my friends for some suggestions and tips, and even tricks on how to help my little boy improve his writing. Likewise, I already talked to one of his teachers (he has 2 teachers) about the concern. 
In response to my Facebook post, my friends, mostly mommies and some of  them are elementary school teachers.  I summarized their suggestions. So, if you are a mom with similar concern, hope these tips and tricks will help you improve your child’s writing skills. I’ve already tried some of them but I guess I have to be more consistent in doing follow-up activities with Yohan. If you have other suggestions, don’t be shy and share them in the comment section below this post.
Tips and Tricks on Helping Kids Improve their Writing Skills 
  1. Integrate images of his interests  and favorites in your Printable Worksheets. For example, his favorite cartoon character/SuperHero, animals, etc. 
  2. Have an ample supply of attractive writing and coloring materials as well as Coloring and Activity Books. 
  3. Encourage learning with play through modelling clay, assembly toys, teacher-student play pretend, and other educational games. 
  4. Create a space in your home for writing – make sure that it is free from distractions. 
  5. Buy a blackboard – an effective alternative once your child gets bored from writing on the paper. Write for a few days and ask him/her to copy what you wrote. 
  6. Encourage writing by letting them write Thank You notes, Wishlist and even grocery list. 
  7. Hire a tutor. 
  8. Implement Reward System. Giving your beginner writers a small token once they did a good job will encourage them to practice more and gain confidence in writing. 
  9. Don’t pressure! Wait for the right timing and do not force the child to be perfect in writing after few tries. That’s why you need Tip No. 10. 🙂
  10. Be patient. 
That’s it for today, hope you are having a blast this weekend! 

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