Tea Tree Oil, Home Remedy for Boils

Hey mommies! I have a recent discovery. Just in case you haven’t read or tried it, tea tree oil can help cure boils. 
I was about to bring Yohan to the doctor because a red, sore spot developed near his right elbow. I suspected it to be a boil. A boil is a skin infection that starts in a hair follicle or oil gland. We are scheduled to go the doctor last Saturday. I researched about natural remedies for it first before finalizing our trip to the clinic. I learned that tea tree oil is one of the suggested remedies. It is known to be an effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic oil used by people centuries ago. 
Luckily, I have Human Nature Tea Tree Oil which I used as an ingredient for my All-Purpose Cleaner/Deodorizer.
I can say that tea tree oil is very effective. Yohan’s skin infection is healed after two days of regular application of tea tree oil.  I am amazed of the fast healing process. Here are the few steps I followed:
  1. Dab a cotton swab into the tea tree oil.
  2. Gently apply the oil onto the boil with the swab.
  3. Dispose of the used swab and be careful that it does not make contact with uninfected parts of the skin to prevent further infections. 
  4. Repeat several times a day. 

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