On Pursuing a Career in Blogging

I’ve been blogging for more than a decade but the idea of making it a “career” is still vague.  I always say that writing and blogging is my hobby.  Writing is an integral component of my job for I am responsible for preparing technical reports and studies, minutes of the meeting,  internal and external communications, and the like.  It takes a large chunk of my time. Thus, blogging remains a hobby not a part-time job. 
I was once active in the blogging community. I think it was between year 2008 and 2012 where I enjoyed the perks of blogging, attending events and working with several brands. I participated and won in a number of contests, too.  I blogged about them HERE and HERE. 🙂

I won! yipee!!! (Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 raffle)

Fast forward to 2016…
My motivation to blog again (on a regular basis) started last January.  I started monitoring the number of articles published and listed down possible topics.  I also tried to revamp the blog and it is still a work in progress.  Blogging on a daily or let’s say three times a week is quite challenging for me. I still want to learn how write consistently.  
Blogging Workshop

When Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon  announced that she will be conducting a workshop dubbed as “Blog Biz: Blogging Chika Workshop” I immediately signed-in.  However, something came up in the office and I overlooked sending my payment.  Thanks to Ms. Frances for being so kind and accommodating that she accepted my payment even if I missed the deadline.  To cut the long story short, I attended the workshop wherein Frances willingly and honestly shared lots of tips and secrets of blogging.   It was a fun and intimate event with less than 20 bloggers were gathered inside a cozy meeting room, courtesy of Flawless Skin and Body Clinic in Ortigas Center. 
Here’s what I learned from the workshop: 
  • Tips on how to create content, grow the blog readership and visitors.  According to our resource person, sharing content through different social media platforms should be maximized. Devoting at least 10 minutes sharing the contents in our social media accounts once an an article is published will do the trick.
  • Tips on monetizing a blog or website. She taught us how to make a media kit, pitch to brands as well us how to work with brands.  I am yet to design my media kit though. 🙂
  • Blogger etiquette on the blog and at the events.  As bloggers, we have to look good and presentable when attending events.  With that said, Flawless was so generous that they handed us (participants) gift certificates that will entitle us for free facials wuhoooo!!!
  • BONUS! Ms. Renee Funtanilla, Marketing Manager of Flawless talked about the qualities that brands want from bloggers. Off-topic: I love her name coz I have a sister named Renee, too! hehehe
with Ms. Frances Sales. Thank you so much for being such an accommodating, humble and talented resource person. Good luck on your future projects! 

On other news, my domain name is due for renewal next month. I am contemplating on signing up for a hosting plan with my existing service provider so that I can migrate to WordPress. Think, think, think! 
Ciao! Happy Weekend, folks!

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