Is it the Time for me to Take a Leap of Faith?

I hope all of you are having a blast and excited because it’s almost the end of the week. Weekend is my happiest part of the week. The corporate slave in me always long for family bonding, house cleaning, wet market and supermarket shopping (haha), and cooking good food… Saturday evening is also my schedule to perform in the Adult Worship Service choir, together with my husband.  The kids, on the other hand, attend Children’s Worship Services during Sundays. Thea, my daughter is a choir member, too. I am proud to be an Iglesia Ni Cristo. 
Now, let’s go to the main topic for this blog post.  The title is exactly the question repeatedly rumbling in my head.  Is it the time for me to take a leap of faith? I am contented with my life right now. But the thing is, I am no longer happy with my job.  I want change. I want something different. I want to go out of my “comfort zone”, even though I am not sure if this job/organization can be categorized as one hahaha.  
Early this morning, I posted this on my Facebook wall:
“With the things coming my way, I am truly inspired to do the things that will make my heart oozing with happiness! Simple joys for the matter.”
I am really happy and excited for the things that well happen in the next couple of days.  Despite all the troubles I encountered last week, I was able to finalize my participation of a short workshop that will help me meet like-minded people and at the same time improve my craft. This will be conducted on this coming Saturday. I will attend to another event few days after. And…a family getaway will be the grand finale of the hectic week. Yay! 
“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -PSALM 37:4 NIV

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