My life as a career woman has been tied up for the past three weeks. Encoding, editing, transcribing, and meetings here and there.  Experienced body pains and a petty heartache, too. Why heartache? I got this sort of bad encounter with one of our supervisors while we are busy beating the deadlines. Stress is the major contributory factor of such incident. 
Despite all these, there are so much to be thankful for and I am writing it today, while taking a short break after successfully delivering the outputs expected from me before 10 AM. 
I am grateful for:
  • this beautiful life that God continue to give me and my loved ones 
  • my wonderful family – a very supportive and loving husband and two adorable kids who never fail to love and understand us. Dear Ate and Bunso, being naughty is part of childhood, we may scold you but it does not mean that we love you less. We love you, just the way you are! 
  • our Jobs + roof under our heads and food on the table
  • genuine friends who offer genuine care and happiness. you know who you are… (di ko pa lang nai-blog and special feature para sa mga kabaliwan natin hahaha).
I am also thankful that I have this blog, my online sanctuary where I can freely pour my thoughts and random musings.
That’s all for now, hoping for a wonderful week ahead! Aja Aja Fighting! 

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