Terrariums as Tabletop Gardens

Terrariums make beautiful tabletop mini gardens and create a tropical mood in either home or office.  My daughter and I have made a terrarium  for her Science project last year.  With minimal materials which include glass container, potting soil, pebbles, charcoal, small plants, and some teeny tiny decors,you can already design your own. terrarium. They’re easy to maintain.  All you need is to spray some water once that soil looks dry.  Perfect for a forgetful gardener like me, yay! Perfect a  weekend DIY project that also serves as a bonding time with the kids. 
Before showing you an infographic about terrrarium-making, here is a short trivia for you..

The first terrarium was created by accident by botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842.  Ward accidentally left a fern spore in a jar. Over time, the spore grew into a plant! Hence, the name Wardian case for the early type of sealed protective container for plants or the early version of terrarium. 

How to Make a Terrarium Infographic by Green Future

Click on the image to read the original article. 
Happy planting, err terrarium-making! 

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