On Child Behavior in School and Bullying


My status message I posted two nights ago on Facebook was flooded comments from friends and relatives. The post by the way is about me thinking about homeschooling my kids to prevent them from being bullied. 

I have this story about bullying:
After narrating to me how her storytelling practice went,  Thea told me that she torn her notebook in Araling Panlipunan because she got mad to her classmates (two boys).   According to her, those boys were teasing her several times.  Then she destroyed the cover page of her notebook out of frustration, perhaps she don’t want to fight back with those bullies in the making.   I scolded her, reminded her about the proper way of facing this kind of situation.  
However, I still want to know the details of the incident. I want to talk with the two boys involved in the incident.  So, I wrote a letter to Thea’s adviser to inform her and request for a meeting as well.  Teacher replied and said that I should see her tomorrow afternoon.  
Meeting with Thea’s Class Adviser

As advised by Thea’s class adviser, I went to their school yesterday afternoon, sat down with her and talked about the incident.  Though it is normal that sometimes kids have the tendency to tease each other.  But Thea’s experience is something that needs immediate attention.  According to the adviser, she already talked to the boy who bullied my daughter.  Yes, only one boy instead of two as mentioned to me by Thea few days ago.  Teacher said that she conducted a sort of investigation.  Apparently, this boy has been bullying my daughter since last year.  There must be something wrong… I want to put an end to it to avoid more serious problem in the future.

I was not able to  talk to the mother of the student because she didn’t show up within the scheduled meeting with their adviser.  I hope that she still talk with the adviser and remind his son to avoid hurting his classmates.


Let me end this post by quoting this passage:

“Respect people’s feeling even if it doesn’t mean anything to you. It could mean everything to them.” 

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