Basic Tools for DIY Home Improvement Projects

Probably, you’ve read about dream home renovation in this blog because I mentioned it several times already.  My husband and I agreed to save a x amount of money for a major renovation project 1 or 2 years from now. When I say major, it will involve completion of a bedroom and laundry area in the 4th floor of our apartment, repainting (both exterior and interior), and installation of shelves and cabinet to maximize the many blank wall and high ceiling of our humble abode. 
However, I can’t wait for a year or two for the improvement of our master’s bedroom and utilize it temporarily as the kids’ room + study room. We’re thinking of engaging into a do-it-yourself / DIY project. To do that, we need a basic toolbox. A basic toolbox will include a screwdriver set, claw hammer, pliers, tape measure, level, utility knife, hacksaw, flashlight, and electric drill.
Do you have any suggestions where to buy an essential toolbox? I want durable ones but will not hurt our pocket so much hehe

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