Mama’s 80th Birthday

80 Years

29,219 Days
9 Wonderful Children
37 Amazing Grandchildren
6 Adorable Great Grandchildren


My mother celebrated her 80th birthday last July 4.  My kids, niece and I went home to our province two days before her birthday.  
Despite the bad weather condition during our four-day vacation, the most-awaited celebration pushed through. Everyone’s effort paid off.  Mama was very happy. When one of my siblings asked if she enjoyed her party, she briefly said “of course, but something is missing.” All of us in the family know what she’s talking about.   We are is still grieving because of the death of my brother.  
Here’s a glimpse of Mama’s birthday celebration:
 she had three cakes, all are gifts – from my niece Joie, nephew Reyson, and Tita Virgie

hands off please, baby!

Mama and her amigas and 2 nephews hahaha

ooopps, baka mabasa ang cake hahaha. that’s my nephew’s kids – Vhien and Eziel. 



…messages for Mama

Thea, my little lady. The artwork in the backdrop was made by my nephew Rabbie

Oh Yohan you’re such a handsome model haha…. The house is the best gift ever to Mama and  Ate Leny, too. Thank you, dear God for the blessings!

groupie before heading back to Manila….See you soon, folks. Till next vacation, hopefully kumpleto na kami, kasama na si Papa Rommel 🙂
Belated happy birthday, Mama! I love you so much. I’ll let Gara read this blog post for you, k? 

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