Home Remedies for Burn Scars

Burns leave a scar that may not easily fade away.  My daughter suffered from a large burn on her left leg from a motorcycle muffler.  The accident happened in my hometown during our short vacation.   Two weeks after her accident, I also suffered the same but my burn is smaller than hers.  What a series of unfortunate events, huh! 
Now that our wounds are completely healed I am looking for remedies to lighten the scars. Thanks to Innoxiderm anti-bacterial cream (Silver Sulfadiazine) prescribed by the doctor that examined Thea’s burn. Thea got an Anti-Tetanus vaccine,too. 
While I believe that the cream called Sebo de Macho help lighten scars, I am still looking for natural remedies.  Upon searching the web, I found suggested home remedies that can get rid of burn scars.  I selected the ones with easy-to-source out ingredients and easy-to-follow procedures. 
In the website thehealthsite.com, lemon juice, tomato juice, almond oil, and lavender oil can help erase the painful memories of burned skin.  
Home Remedy #1. Lemon and Tomato Juice

According the above-mentioned website, lemon and tomato juice can both help remove the dead skin and help the skin rejuvenate.  The acidic properties of lemon naturally lighten the scars.  Freshly squeezed tomato juice, on the other hand acts as a natural bleaching agent thus naturally cures the burn marks.  
  1. Rinse the burn with room temperature water thoroughly. 
  2. Prepare two clean washcloths, one piece of fresh lemon, and some tomato juice. 
  3. Place a moistened washcloth on the burn marks for a few hours.
  4. Keep some fresh lemon juice ready.
  5. Then, moisten the other washcloth with fresh lemon juice and dab the burn mark gently. 
  6. After drying the area, apply some fresh tomato juice on the burn mark.
  7. Repeat this procedure about twice a day on a regular basis to get rid of burn marks. 
  8. Due to its strong natural bleaching effect, the mark will fade in just a few days. 
Home Remedy #2. Almond Oil
  • Gently massage the scar with almond oil.
  • Massaging the scar twice a day will gradually reduce the scar. 
Home Remedy #3. Lavender Oil

Human Nature Lavender Oil, Php245.00

Lavender essential oil is a very effective antiseptic that reduces pain and promotes rapid healing.  It also reduces scars.
  • When lavender oil is applied to a burn right away, the burn may heal with no scarring. 
  • For larger burns, pour lavender into a gauze or cloth and apply to the burn every few hours. 

Have I known this earlier, I would have tried it to cure our burn. 
Since lemons and tomatoes are the most common among the four ingredients, I will try home remedy #1 starting this coming weekend.  I’ll update you about the results few days or a week from now. 

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  1. I got burn on my arms from the frying pan and got these lines of blisters that turned scar afterward. I bought Dermalmd scar cream and apply on them for about 2-3 weeks and noticed that the scars really lightened. It's still somewhat visible if I look at my arm closely but definitely not as dark as before.

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