On Loving Our Family and Keeping Communication Lines Open

Howdy! Hope everyone’s having a blast.  Let’s remain calm even in the midst of stressful situation and extremely hot weather here in our side of the Earth.  
I just ended a one-hour phone call with my folks back home.  I talked to my sister, then my niece and 2 nephews, and then Mama. After putting down the phone, my niece told me via text message that Lola is beaming with joy.  That comment made me realize that I should talk to mom as often as possible.  That’s one of her simple joys – hearing good news from us, her children and grandchildren even though we’re miles apart. They live in my hometown in Sorsogon while me and my eldest sister live here Manila. 
With my Manoy Onel’s untimely death, we, as a family decided to remain united and keep the communication lines open.  Despite being busy caring for our own families, we should never forget to (at least) say hello to each other every now and then. There’s mobile phone and social media, anyway. It’s easier to communicate. Sa siyam na magkakapatid, anim na lang kami natira, di pa ba kami mag-dadamayan. At higit sa lahat, we want to more spend quality time with Mama. 

We are looking forward being together again come July 4th to celebrate Mama’s birthday. We are planning for a simple yet meaningful celebration for the Sotto matriarch. That’s 2 month prep time. 
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, if I’m not mistaken it’ll be on Sunday, May 8. This is my message to my Mama Ester. I Love You, Ma! 

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