On Growing Herbs (Again)

 I took a break from gardening for almost two months.  Been so very busy with a lot of things lately. 
My recent comment exchanges with a friend and former office mate Anna in her Wanders and Flowers blog prompted me to post an update on my urban gardening adventure. Our topic is about growing herbs. I told Anna that I am a hard time growing herbs.  I’ve tried twice, but all of the herbs I planted did not thrive. In her latest reply to my comments, she shared a link about growing culinary herbs. 
After reading the article that Anna shared, I realized my two mistakes in cultivating herbs. 
Error Number 1:  Planted the herbs on a place without direct sunlight. 

My garden is situated in a small space by the window, partly covered by plastic mesh, and near the roofs of my two neighbors. 
Accordingly, most herbs require several hours of direct sunlight everyday. It is important to find a location in your yard that has full, bright sunlight, and minimum shade.  If you are planting herbs in containers, avoid covered porches or placing the containers under shade trees. (source: http://herbs.lovetoknow.com/Growing_Culinary_Herbs)
mints, parsely, and rosemary: gone too soon :p
Error Number 2: Failed to Harvest and Maintain the Herbs
I waited my herbs to growing beautifully, but to my surprise they all turned to yellow and then, bye-bye, all of them withered, even the basil and mint which are the suggested plants for novice gardeners. 
Apparently,  herbs need to be regularly harvested and cared for in order to thrive. 
Now that I am in the mood to plant again, I will be planting  herbs such basil, parsely, rosemary, mint, chives and lavender. Good luck to me! 🙂

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