It’s my Birth Month and Here’s my Wishlist

April was not a good month for me. 
I want this dreadful loneliness to stop. I want to sleep comfortably at night.  I am pretty sure that this will happen soon when my family achieve justice for the death of my brother. We want the murderer to rot in prison. Ahhh, I’m getting emotional again…
I am turning a year older this month. Number 1 in my wishlist is that justice may prevail for the killing of my dear brother.  
These simple things will also make my birthday a happiest one:

  • intimate dinner with my husband and kids 
  • shop for the kids’ stuffs for the incoming school year (uniforms, school supplies, and the like)
  • help my Mama and my sister financially to finish the house construction
  • shop for new plants and re-arrange my mini-garden

And most of all, I pray to God for more blessings and good health for me and my loved ones. 


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