Fun Learning with LEGO Bricks

Classes in public (and some private) schools will already start in less than a month.  Parents are busy enrolling their children, buying stuffs here and there.  
Thea will be on the 5th Grade while Yohan will be on Kindergarten- Level 2 this coming school year.   We are not able to enroll in any summer class but we are using the school break to teach them basic life lessons and skills.  For example, Ate already knows how to sweep the floor and wash the dishes. She attempted to bathe Bunso once but forgot to shampoo his hair, hahaha.  We continuously teach them good manners. 
We will start purchasing school supplies, would like to invest more on books and other educational materials, especially for my kindergartner. 
While browsing the Internet this morning, I stumbled upon a website about the ways to teach literacy using LEGO. I am amazed with the several ways to use the popular toy as visual aid for fun learning at home. 
This one caught my attention:
That is originally written by Becky, a homeschooling mom on her website I bookmarked here post about spelling with LEGO. 
I am so excited to buy a set of LEGO blocks and create my own learning kit for Yohan.  LEGOs can also be used to teaching Mathematics. I ‘ll do that for Thea. 

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