How to Make a Terrrarium

Thea’s project in Science is a terrarium which covers second to fourth quarter of the current school year. Thus, she needs to maintain it until the last grading period.  Her teacher inspects the project from time to time.  The most recent checking was last January 4-8, 2016.   The terrarium was left in their classroom for three weeks and brought home again after their grades were recorded.  Thea felt bad because she got low score. Apparently, her classmates over-watered Thea’s terrarium,  nilunod sa tubig, sa halip na spray lang binuhusan yata.  Partly my fault kasi hindi ko siya nabilhan ng spray para sa pagdidilig nya.   

The final rating of the project will be on March. To save the plants, we fixed the terrarium last night.  Here is the output. 
fish bowl terrarium with cactus and  small plants and few decorative knick-knacks 

How to Make a Terrarium

You will need:
  • Container – any clear glass container such as jar, goblet or wine glass, fish tank/bowl 
  • Pebbles 
  • Potting Soil
  • Cacti/Succulents, Small Plants 
  • Charcoal (optional)
  • Small ornaments 
  1. Choose your desired container.  For Thea’s school project, we used a fish bowl. 
  2. Arrange the first layer, about an inch of pebbles.
  3. You may add few pieces of charcoal that help remove bad odors in the terrarium. 
  4. Add another layer of pebbles to prevent the soil from settling down the base of the container. 
  5. Arrange the plants. You can put 3 or more plants, depending on the size of your container. 
  6. Put the potting soil.  Make sure that it is firmly packed to hold the plants in place. Use rubber gloves, especially when you have cacti in your arrangement. 
  7. Finish your project by adding varied color of rocks and small ornaments. 
That’s it and you’re done! 

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