Container Garden and a Pot of Snake Plant


This will be a very short post…

I worked in my tiny garden earlier this evening.  Since I was not able to purchase a bromeliad yet, I decided to get few small plants for my container err dish garden or whatever they call it. All three plants were neatly arranged in a rectangular pot. Don’t worry I you can see the actual setup once I posted a photo of my new project. I also transferred the snake plant in a bigger pot.
Here is the most recent photos of my garden. 
 Notice the three “babies” beside the dish garden? they are my newest finds from my   
favorite plant supplier. The photos now are much clearer, that’s why the dirt in the pots are visible which reminds me to clean it with a sponge later. 
caladium heart, snake plant, and I think the one in the smallest pot is a money plant. 
The hanging plants need to be trimmed already
My next project will involve succulents. My succulent dish garden before did not thrive maybe because of over-watering. 
Happy Gardening! 

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