Websites I Love: Pinterest

Looking for ideas and hacks on home improvement, parenting, DIY crafts, gardening, beauty and fashion, and everything in between?  Join Pinterest and  you’ll have tons of ideas on whatever project you love to try.  
I so love Pinterest. There are many interesting and helpful tips that bloggers and website owners share through their Pins. 
How does Pinterest works?
First, you have to Sign-Up. You can consider linking either your Facebook or Twitter account when you sign-up.  It will make it easier for you to find your friends, favorite blogs and brands to follow on Pinterest but if you prefer to start with just your e-mail address, it’s okay. You can always go back later and tweak your account settings a little bit to connect your social accounts. 
How to Pin
Install Pin It Button to your web browser.  To add a pin to one of your boards, click either the Pin It in your bookmark bar or on the website you’re currently reading. 
How to Create a New Board

To create a new board, click the “Add +” button in the upper right-hand corner of your Pinterest main page. 
You can also like or add comments in the article that you are “pinning”
Here’s a glance of my Pinterest main page… my profile is

You can add me if you want and I’ll be glad to be your Pinterest budddy. 

Happy Pinning! 

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