Catching Up with Relatives

Growing up in a big family makes it quite difficult to spend time with most of them on a regular basis.  We only get to see each other in either wedding or funeral. Sad reality it is.   
Last Sunday evening, we went to Cavite to visit my aunts, my moms’ younger siblings.  It was our first get-together after more than 10 years.  I used to visit them when I was still in college until early years of being employed.  My cousins were still in high school and elementary back then. Now, most of us have our own family already.  
We really had fun during our overnight stay in my Tita Virgie’s house.  Ang saya dun, parang nasa Bicol lang – malamig sa gabi, presko ang hangin. 
early morning groupie with Tita Conching and Joie 

the family the cooks together, stays together toinks! 

I learned that they love videoke singing… napasubo nga ako. next time kasi bili tayo ng bagong CD, walang kabisado si Thea. napakanta namin isang beses, Pusong Bato pa, hahahaha. 
Tita Virgie ko, may hawak pang siomai habang kumakanta hehehe
Thea and Yohan enjoyed playing with my cousin’s children. They really loved it there.  

Yohan: Ata Janna, tara punta tayo sa farm ni Daddy Jun. 🙂

My aunt have nice plants in her garden. She gave me two types of ornamental plant and ginger, perfect for my balcony garden make-over. 
We might go there more often. In fact, we’re planning to have a family reunion on the last week of this month and invite my sister (who lives in Quezon City) and other relatives who live in Laguna-Cavite area. Sounds exciting, right? 

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