Parenting a Pre-Teen

{pre-teenager or pre-teen – of or relating to a child between age 9 to 12}
My eldest is growing up too fast that changes in all aspects are happening quickly right before my eyes.  If there is a slow or pause button to at least help reduce the speed of human development  I will certainly push it huh. Yes, I know that’s impossible. 
Look at these photos:
Thea , 4 years old, photo taken last July 2010
Thea, 9 years old, photo taken last December 2010

Unlike one or two years ago, she is now changing – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. She’s now becoming more independent.  In terms of physical aspect, I noticed early signs of puberty.  Her physique is already changing, too. You know, I am like, “huh, why so early?” I’m saying that the signs are quite early because I had my first monthly period at age 12 so as my sisters and nieces. 
What bothers me more is the social aspect. Thea is very friendly and associates with other people easily. That’s why, I am continuously reminding her to choose her friends carefully.  Stay away from people who possess negative attitude and has the tendency to influence her to do bad things. 
For parents with pre-teen children, let me share this few parenting tips with you:
  • Don’t feel rejected by new-found independence
  • Set aside quality time with your child
  • Try the indirect approach when your child raises tricky questions 
  • Don’t be overly judgmental and don’t overreact –   I’m guilty of this sometimes 🙁
  • Monitor the programs they watch on TV or sites visited in the Internet
  • Don’t be afraid to start conversations about sex and drugs 
  • Don’t be clueless.  Monitor your child activities outside your home. Know their friends, too. 

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